Pearson Zohin

Pearson is a big burly lumber-jack-like man, who owns a small sea-side shack in sunfell.
He has rust-colored short hair, a long, braided beard, and blueish-green bright eyes. His right eye is cloudy, marked with a scar. He is presumably blind in that eye.

a small, wooden shack, that's seen better days. The floors are made of cobblestone, and the rooms consist of:



Cecilie Zohin

Cecilie Zohin

Cecilie is Pearson's daughter. She's a bit older than Kaedo, and she lives in her own Cottage in sunfell. She keeps a very lovely garden, out front of her home.
She has ruddy brown long hair tied loosely in a ponytail, and kind, grey eyes.
She is currently trapped in a magical sleep.

Hudson (deceased)

Hudson was an upper class elderly man that had retired to the small town of Sunfell. Nobody knew who he was exactly, just that he preferred secluding himself to his manor, with his pet cat. Kaedo got involved with a strange scheme of things involving this mysterious old man. Out of a rare spout of goodwill, Kaedo had discovered a planned heist on Hudson's manors from a group of "bandits." It turned out that they were actually after a strange small silver jewelry box, which was later revealed to hold a strange, black amulet.
Hudson was actually an elderly wizard, (it's uncertain if "Hudson" is even truly his name,) who had sought the secret to immortality, to bring back his deceased son from the astral plane. Many years ago, he had recovered this dark magic amulet, under the impression that it was the long-sought-out philosophers stone.
he was wrong, and the amulet does something much more sinister in return for immortal life. The old man kept this hidden in his home for many years, but suddenly alerted to Kaedo that someone was after it, he hastily entrusted it to him, knowing his life was in danger of coming to an end.
That night, Hudson's house was raided, and he'd been missing ever since.
Presumably dead.

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