Koror Gnarlbeard

Koror is a dwarf from Driejas, who trades between Driejas and Sunfell. He trades Wine from Driejas, and Fish from Sunfell. He encountered problems on the trade route between the two, that runs through Montrood forest, and hired the party for safe travel through.

He's a stout, middle-aged dwarf, with a long, earthy-brown braided beard. He has a crooked, cherry red nose, and bright blue eyes that peer out from under thick, bushy brows. The hair on his head is wiry and short, and he has a sharp jawline. He's a little overweight, and he has a long thin scar on his right arm. He has a ring of thorns tattoo on the back of his neck.
He wears light leather armor, under a black traveler's hooded cape. His favorite possession is a family heirloom Rune inscribed sword. Koror speaks in a hearty loud manner, is a little too feely with strangers, patting people on the back and the like while talking. He likes to stretch tall tales.

Ethan Zelad

Ethan made a short appearance as the guard first met in Driejas. He is a guard that patrols the streets, and is first met being pelted by an angry mob. He later meets the party again, and reveals that he's gone undercover, and discovered that the Lords Councilor has gone behind the Lord's back, and offers up his badge to the party, to provide proof to the Lord that they are telling the truth. Due to the gullibility of the young Virim, they didn't even need it. He also warns the party of cultists in the city, by which he was attacked.

He is treated for his wounds, and eventually returned to his duties within the guard.

Lord Virim

Lord Virim is the Lord governing Driejas. He succeeds his late father, and was previously guided by his Councilor, Calvert, but he was discovered as to have been using Virim for his own motives. Virim is close friends with the captain of the guard, Captain Rirden, who also worked for his father before him.

Virim is a moderately tall, lanky looking man, who looks young for his age. He has soft, childish features, droopy weary dark eyes, and soft dusty blonde hair that looks like he'd recently woken up, which he probably had. Virim has a soft, drowsy voice, and has a childish, naive personality. He's a tad slow-witted, and sometimes it takes a moment for a point to come across.
However he is kind, and has his peoples best interests in heart.



Calvert worked as Lord Virim's Councilor, entrusted with the responsibility of communicating his word to the public people, but he used his position of power to ruin the Lord's public image, in an attempt to cause in uprising to uproot him from his throne, and steal his position.

Thanks to a member of the Guard, the party was alerted, intercepted him in the castle, Shail put him to sleep, and he was locked away by Virim in the prison tower after the situation was explained to him, which is where Calvert still resides.


Captain Rirden

Captain Rirden is a middle-aged man in his 40's. He has a muscular build, and his face is aged, but you can still recognize the handsome features of his youth. He has cheery, crinkled gray eyes, that follow you with a hawkish surveillance. His mouth tilts upwards at the corner in a smirk, and he enjoys pestering people in good-natured fun. He has a contagious laugh that emits deep from his belly, but his infectious lively demeanor barely masks the sense of overbearing authority he holds.
He is much less lenient around his guards and trainees, ruling with an iron fist. He feels that the world is a cruel place, and his guard and loved ones have to be prepared, which requires some tough love.


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