Driejas is a much larger town than Sunfell. The settlement is built on top of a small plateau, well-barricaded by a stone wall that encompasses it. At the very center of the city lies the castle, which is separated by a mote made of stone, crossed by cobblestone bridges to each side. The castle is small but extravagent, with a gothic agricultural style.

Places of Interest

Virim's Castle

The front, massive double doors are generally guarded by two guards with polearms. The entrance leads to an entry hall, decorated with tables holding vases, with paintings of what presumably is Virim's ancestor's lining the walls. The present Lord himself hangs at the end, next to the paining of a bright, cheery man who shares his dusty blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, who you conclude to be his late father.
This entry hall ends with two spiral staircases that lead up to the second floor, and in front, an open doorway that leads to a polished, marble throne room, decorated with pillars. The lord's thrown lies at the very end. The throne room has a door to the right, that leads to the kitchen and pantry.
On the left side of the second floor leads to the servant's quarters, and the right staircase leads to a hall that leads to Virim's room, and a guest room.
Connected to the castle is a tower, that houses the prison, and at the top of the tower, there is another room, dusty and long-unused.
Also connected to the castle, but not directly by door, is a Guardhouse, where Captain Rirden lives with the city guard.

The Prison Tower

This stone tower is built off the east side of the castle. It stands a bit taller than the main part of the castle, with several floors that have a single jail cell on each. There is another prison for common prisoners within the city, but the prisoner's tower was built to hold more highly-accountable convicts, i.e. dangerous criminals, or people who have committed crimes directly against the government.

Current Prisoners:

The Guardhouse

The guardhouse lies outside Virim's Castle. The guardhouse is a bunker for the guard that patrol the city, with a cafeteria and resting room. There is also a training area outside, surrounded by a wooden fence, that holds a bunch of archery targets and training equipment, along with training dummies. Captain Rirden, Gam, and Ethan live here, along with other unmet guards.

The Farms

There are a series of fields and farms, consisting of barns, livestock, (most of which are cattle and sheep,) that all lie just within the walls of the city.
They grow mostly wheat and corn, which they output their produce through merchants to the neighboring towns.
They also sell directly to travelers, however refuse to sell to the party for being associated with Gam and his Owlbear, who accidentally destroyed one of the sheep pastures and killing all of their livestock.

Inventory Stock

The Apothecary

The Apothecary is run by a bright blue-eyed curly haired human woman with hair the color of bright flames. Her name is Vineta.

Inventory Stock

Montrood Forest

Montrood Forest is a dark wood that lies between Driejas and Sunfell.
The trees are tall and their leaf foliage covers the sky, making it impossible to predict the passage of time without the light of the sun.
The forest was previously only inhabited by harmless critters, but something has caused the fiendish monsters of the deeper wilds to tread into civilization, including passing roads commonly used for trade routes.


  1. Kobold
  2. Stirge
  3. Bullywug
  4. Goblin
  5. Violet Fungus
  6. Hobgoblin
  7. Shadow
  8. Specter
  9. Grick
  10. Will' O' Wisp
  11. Awakened Shrub
  12. Blink Dog
  13. Badger
  14. Deer
  15. Owl
  16. Raven
  17. Spider
  18. Giant Wolf Spider
  19. Dire Wolf
  20. Black Bear

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